Counselling Service

Counselling Service

Stress relief counseling

In search of more ways to provide support for academic and personal worries to our students, the university with the support of the professionals introduces support on stress-related issues.

This service allows students, to discuss informally and in strict confidence stress-related issues, while in University with the support department staff.

Counseling is about enabling you to explore your feelings and relationships more effectively. It gives you a chance to really look at issues in some depth, and gain a more confident perspective. The Service is open to everyone in the Faculty. People who come to counseling are not always sure what to expect. The following information will help to clarify the way in which counseling works. When you first meet your counselor, she/he will listen carefully to what is troubling you and will ask you some questions. The counselor encourages you to express your thoughts and feelings, explore the issues of concern, and discover/clarify ways of living more resourcefully. The work you do together will be about helping you to find the right solutions for you, rather than telling you what to do.

English Language Support for International Students

The English Language Support provides students with all support, resources, and facilities they need to study at under and postgraduate level in the medium of English. We believe language learning is a life-long process and our aim is to encourage all students to become both expert users and independent learners of the language.