• Designed for high-caliber Medical and Dental graduates who want to explore and benefit from medical research, perhaps with a view to pursuing a specialization in their field or/and a PhD or a career in research.
  • STU-SOM offers you the opportunity to undertake a practice in your field of study and research project in a laboratory or department relevant to your specialty. The choice of research projects carried out is wide and ranges from bench research to clinical research.
  • The program begins with a month of teaching, providing you with an overview of the whole range of techniques used in medical and dental research.
  • The students shall receive statistics training and practical workshops and be taught practical techniques.
  • To consider the student’s research interests and opportunities STU-SOM advises the students to speak to the Program Director.



  1. Cosmetology
  2. Reproductive Medicine
  3. Sleep Medicine
  4. Pain management
  5. Endocrinology & Diabetology
  6. Geriatric medical management
  7. Radiology



  1. Prosthodontics & Oral Rehabilitation
  2. Orthodontics
  3. Laser Dentistry & Cosmetic Dentistry
  4. Periodontics and Implantology
  5. Oral Surgery


Total Duration: 30 months

The candidate attends face to face training and discussion once in 8 months

Block 1 – Theory & assignments of Case study
Duration – 4 weeks
Venue – University Campus

Block 2 – Examination, Review, Theory Classes, Practical, Assignment of thesis and journal publication
Duration – 2 weeks
Venue – (Affiliated Hospitals of the University)

Block 3 – Examination, Review, Theory Classes, Practical and review of thesis. (doctoral committee meeting)
Duration – 3 weeks
Venue – (Affiliated Hospitals of the University)

Block 4 – Thesis defense
Duration – 2 days


  • The course is divided into 6 semesters (6 months each semester)
  • During the first three semesters students will study the theory and clinical and from the Fourth semester they will work on the thesis along with clinical studies
  • Candidates are expected to commence work on their thesis from the first Semester onwards


  • After enrolling in the university, student will pursue his/her clinical studies from the affiliated hospitals
  • Each student will have a Program Chair who will provide support to the students throughout the course
  • Students will submit periodical reports to the Program Chair
  • The students will also review the latest research articles in his subject and publish it in international journals. These articles will be peer reviewed before publication
  • At the end of the course student will appear for clinical assessment


  • The main thrust of the program is to gain knowledge and competencies through blended learning which is acquired through an appropriate interplay of course work, clinical work and research
  • Students are expected to do course work as prescribed in the curriculum
  • Students with Post Graduate diploma will be exempted from part of the course work
  • Students have to accomplish the following during the course:
    • Case studies: 60 cases study reports
    • Assignments: 20 Assignments reports
    • Conferences: 2 Conference certificates
    • Continuous Medical / Dental Education Programs: 2 certificates
    • Thesis: Submit thesis at the end of the 29th month
    • Article Review: 2 Article Review
    • Credits Hours (Theory): One unit theory credit hour is assigned to one hour (55 minutes) of classroom time with a minimum of two/three hours of out-of-classroom time spent preparing for class, studying and discussion per week throughout one semester of approximately 24 weeks in length.
    • Minimum – 60 Credits
      Credit hours (Clinical Work)
      One unit of credit hour is assigned for practicing in a clinic for 15 hours per week throughout the semester.
      24 credits per semester for 4 semesters
      Minimum – 90 Credits
      Thesis – 30 Credits
      Minimum 180 credits for award of Degree