Dr. Lois Marie Newman

Ph.D., Anatomy, Dean

Dr. Lois Marie Newman, former Dean, Professor & Chair of Clinical Anatomy in College of Medicine & Health Science, (Destiny Univ School of Medicine.) St. Lucia, Professor of Anatomy in Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA and Professor of Histology in University of California, USA and in many other Institutions in the US. She has more than 50 years of experience in teaching medicine with leading Schools in the US and in the Caribbean.

Her research thesis during her Ph.D. was on Ototemporom and Ibular malformation in the non-human primate fetus following maternal ingestion of thalidomide in September 1977 University of California, Davis. Dr. Neman’s Post Ph.D. research was centered on “risks during fetal development” & the development of animal model systems for biomedical & toxicity screening. She was with Thomas Jefferson University for more than 25 years teaching in various subjects in Basic Medical Science.

Her teaching interests are in Medical Education, Medical Gross Anatomy, Histology, Clinical Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy — Normal & Abnormal, In Vito testing systems, Developmental Toxicology, Reproductive Toxicology, and Comparative Reproductive Physiology. She was the recipient of The Founders Award in Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Physical Therapy in 1998. Dr. Newman has been on numerous research committees at Thomas Jefferson University and other Institutions and has made more than 50 publications in the field of medicine. She was a former member of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists and a fellow of the International Stress and Behavior Society (ISBS)

Dr. Lois Marie Newman
Mr. Allan C Burnett

Dr. Allan C Burnett

Local Registrar

Dr. Allan C Burnett is a counseling psychologist who asserts that the purpose of educational institutions must be to equip students to fit into a society’s legitimate goals, practices, and functions. He functioned as an Independent Consultant focusing on Education and Psychotherapy. Prior to that relatively short vocation, he worked at various levels of the education system (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) for 38 years in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and has functioned as a teacher, lecturer, administrator, and counselor. He obtained his Ph.D. in Guidance and Counseling Psychology from the University of Central Nicaragua. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Instructional Leadership and Management from the University of West of England, Bristol. He also obtained a Master of Science degree in Counselling, and a Bachelor of Education degree in Social Studies and History from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. The experiences gained in his various undertakings have aided his maturity, patience, flexibility, and tact, which he believes are fundamental elements in his relationship-building development. His vision is “Empowering for better life choices”.

Mr. Richard O.F. Williams

Legal Advisor

Mr. Richard O.F. Williams, a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill and the
Hugh Wooding Law School was called to the Bar in St. Vincent and Grenadines in 19955 and
was called to Bar in Grenada. He has a particular specialist in obtaining alien land holdings
for the British, USA, and other foreign nationals. Mr. Williams is an expert in litigation within the
courts. He is also a certified mediator. He is a former Commissioner to the National
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. In 2005, Mr. Williams became a Member of
Parliament. He recently made a successful appearance as leading counsel before the Privy
Council in 2008.

Mr. Richard O.F. Williams

Dr. Karthikeyan K

MDS, Ph.D., Program Director – Clinical Medical Science & Clinical Dental Science

Dr. Karthikeyan K, A renowned educator and a practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon with a doctorate in Oral Candida – Reverse Vaccinology. He’s been teaching in numerous prestigious universities in India in the department of Basic Biosciences – Integrated Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Clinical research. He has vast experience in guiding numerous research works. Researchers have benefited from his able guidance in the areas of Guided M.Phil in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics

He obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Tamil Nadu Government Dental College & Hospital, Chennai – India, affiliated with Madras Medical College, and Master of Dental Surgery from TamilNadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai, India, affiliated with Madras Medical College. He obtained his Ph.D. by doing his research in Oral Candida – Reverse Vaccinology

His journal publications include

1. Insilico Analysis of Secreted Aspartyl Proteinases(SAPs) of candida Albicans Causing Oral Candidiasis.


The Research projects under his guidance include

Herbal endodontic Irrigant – a comparative analysis, Antimicrobial activity of Adhatoda Vasica, Studies on the Antibacterial and Anti-cancer activity in Agaricus Bisporus molecular interaction and identification of suitable drugs for Vaginal candidiasis, Biofilm formation Mechanisms, Myofibroblast in Oral Submucous Fibrosis, Biomarkers in Saliva, Queuing theory in Dental Clinic

He is affiliated with renowned private and government hospitals in India including the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, TN Government Dental College & Hospital, Chennai – India, Department of Plastic surgery and Trauma Care Unit, Madras Medical College & Government General Hospital, Chennai – India.

Dr. Karthikeyan K
Ms. Alphonse Mary

Dr. Alphonse Mary

MA, M.Ed, MA, M. Phil, Ph. D., Yoga Guru, Program Director – Yoga

Dr. Alphonse Mary is presently pursuing her research in the Effectiveness of Vethathiriya and Thoughts in Improving Middle-Level Students’ Personality.

She is a professor, program officer, and research guide at Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University. She also has advanced level training in Varma Art from Art Research Institute, India. She started her career as a teacher for primary and secondary students, after completing her Masters in Education she became a professor in a Narayanasamy College of Education. Presently she is a professor and research guide for students at WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER and in TAMILNADU PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS UNIVERSITY, India in the subjects of Yoga and Human Wellness. She was also a Superintendent of Exams at the University.

Her involvement in the WCSC yoga center started a decade ago. She eventually became a yoga teacher and scholar over the years of being in yoga practice, teaching, and researching. Ms. Mary is known for her dedicated research and teaching as she has taught a basic level of yoga for approximately 45000 students and advanced level (Kayakalpam) for Approximately 4,400 students.

As a part of her research, she has made numerous publications and presented articles in journals, and participated in National and in International conferences. The Techniques of Yoga Exercises that Enhances Creativity in Young Students, Meditation, the Divine Scientific Therapy for Vibrant Health, Five-fold Food is a Drugless Medicine, the Law of Nature, Innate Attributes of Divinity and Human Beings, Amalgamation of Psychology and Yoga for Human Excellence.

Her ongoing research is in the assessment of the aspects of 1. Understanding ability, 2. Communication skills, 3. Behavioral attitude, 4. Concentration in subjects and progress in their scores, 5. Overall health improvement, 6. Self-interest in Vethathiriya yoga.

Ms. Mary’s research thesis proves that Vethathiriya yoga is indispensable and much needed for the overall personality development of today’s young students. This research will definitely bring out a great positive transformation in the students and a new opening to creativity, assuring a prosperous and bright future and a happy life.

Mr. Kumar J. Santhanaraj

Founder / Chairman

Born in India in the State of Tamil Nadu, he is known for his energetic leadership quality and his ability to envision successful business outcomes. He brings with him his diverse expertise a tenacious commitment to business development, and vast experience in Strategic Planning; Project Management; Branding and Business Promotion, and; Marketing Strategy.

Mr. Kumar began his career as a young entrepreneur, some 20 years ago, with a manufacturing unit dealing in computer hardware and consumables, as well as garment manufacturing. He later reoriented his activities in the promotion of overseas education where he developed an extensive network of partners all over the world, in particular in the United States, the Caribbean, Africa, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, India, and other Far-East countries.

He was extensively involved in developing American offshore med schools in the Caribbean and was instrumental in developing programs for the International market in the Caribbean along with recruiting many students from Africa, the Middle East, and India for medical studies in the Offshore Medical schools.

Throughout his business ventures, Mr. Kumar has acquired extensive business knowledge, which spans many cultures.

Mr. Kumar and his family own a Public charitable trust named ‘ASSET’ registered in India in the year 2011.

The main objectives of ASSET are: to offer quality education to the people irrespective of color, caste, or religion through their educational institutions; to provide assistance for quality treatment in medical care through their hospitals; and provide general assistance to the poor and needy.

ASSET also seeks to serve and uplift underprivileged people and to donate study materials during the prayer offering every year in India.

Mr. Kumar is also an active Rotarian (RI DIST 3232), having been involved in many social awareness programs, as well as having contributed to aiding the needy in India and in other countries.

In 2016, Mr. Kumar chartered ‘SAINT TERESA UNIVERSITY’ on the serene Caribbean island of St. Vincent and The Grenadines. He has currently established the school in three major areas of studies Business, Yoga, and Medicine. The main mission of Saint Teresa University is to offer holistic education and the vision statement is ‘ENRICHING KNOWLEDGE TOWARDS WISDOM’.

His interest in Yoga and his intentions to teach Yoga to this world, particularly to children to enable them to obtain the benefit through practicing it to enhance their memory and self-esteem and to become successful in their life can be realized through his School of Yoga.

His other intention is to create more medical graduates as it’s a holistic profession and the world needs more Physicians to serve.

Mr. Kumar has gathered eminent educationists to govern the University so as to develop the University to global standards.

Mr. Kumar is also the CEO of ‘INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT USA LLC’ incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The company encourages investors from different parts of the world to invest in projects in the United States.

Integrity is one of Mr. Kumar’s most enduring qualities, he prides himself in ensuring a frank and honest representation of the business.


+1 (784) 455-5739

+1 (984) 218-5500

Email: chairman@saintteresauniversity.org

Mr. Kumar J. Santhanaraj