MBA-corporate excellence

About this course

Saint Teresa University – School of Business offers an exclusive MBA in Corporate Excellence and Leadership & PG Diploma(120 Credits). As the School focuses on imparting an elite learning system to transform knowledge for holistic development of a person with physical, mental, spiritual, and social strength it creates its own system of learning suitable for the emancipation of learners from conservative and ordinary learning systems. The innovative learning mechanism adopted by STU-SOB is an enriched version of various Business studies around the world. The MBA in Corporate Excellence and Leadership would be an outstanding experience for students which will empower them with a strong and healthy mind of Peace, Happiness, and Harmony. The syllabus of this course will cater to the holistic development of a person, which is created with an educational and psychological outlook to emerge the learner to be an excellent human being with international leadership qualities.

This elite MBA program is an amalgamation of multi-dimensional thoughts from the Eastern and Western worlds. This will enhance the person’s adaptability in a multicultural environment and excel in leading the corporate/organization towards prospective heights. By conditioning the mind and body through various stress, emotional and behavioral control practices, and ethical and work-life balance knowledge this MBA will enable the learner to become an excellent leader with a spectrum of positive attitude, thoughts, and energy. The exclusive physical conditioning of the learner offered by the program encompasses Yoga and other intensive traditional and spiritual physical training system that will strengthen the learner with a sharp brain, keen intelligence, excellent analytical thinking, and exemplary leadership qualities. This will make the learner an invincible leader in the corporate/organization world.


  1. Management Process and Behaviour
  2. Managerial Economics
  3. Accounting For Managers
  4. Corporeal Health Management
  5. Human Re-Engineering for Corporate Excellence


  1. Business Environment
  2. Business Law
  3. Managerial Communication
  4. Science of Cosmic Intelligence at Workplace
  5. Computer Application in Management


  1. Functional Management – I
  2. Functional Management – II
  3. Strategic Management
  4. Science of Energy and Consciousness for Corporate Redemption
  5. Research Methodology