Clinical Medicine / Dentistry (MMSC)

Designed for high-caliber Medical and Dental graduates who want to explore and benefit from medical research, perhaps with a view to pursuing a specialization in their field or/and a Ph.D. or a career in research.


Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Saint Teresa University – School of Medicine promotes hands-on experience and exposure to patient care throughout the MD program. The availability of Hospitals and Clinics in St. Vincent and in India allows such integration to be possible


Pre Medicine

We offer high quality and innovative teaching, to complement our inspiring teachers, we are committed to providing state of art facilities that shall cater directly to the needs of the 21st-century student



Students shall be eligible to register with the Medical Council of India to appear in the screening test and become licensed physicians after successfully passing the exam.

Accommodation Services

Accommodation Services

Our Department of Student Services offers advice and guidance on all accommodation issues. A good selection of accommodation is available, provided that students apply in good time before the beginning of each academic year.

Counselling Service

Counselling Service

Counseling is about enabling you to explore your feelings and relationships more effectively. It gives you a chance to really look at issues in some depth, and gain a more confident perspective.


Master Research in Yoga and Human Wellness

A systematic and clearly defined training will be given to the student as below with Simplified Physical Exercises to improve physical health. Kaya Kalpa Exercises to rejuvenate the life force and retard the aging process.